Thank you to all participants and a special appreciation mention to Sara France, who selected the following winners!

Congratulations to yoav winner of the Pro Studio Light and Heavy Duty Tripod!

photo contest

“I loved this image because of the light that softly fell on the bird, the framing and the dramatic feel of the image.  I felt the dark background added to the drama of the image.  I love that the image was not over processed.  The detail on the feathers were perfect, soft and beautiful” – Sara

Congratulations to the following Honorable Mentions:

PeterWell with photo “Family Time

photography contest

“I love this image.  I love the moment and that it was captured and framed in such an intimate way.  The post production is fantastic and not overdone.” – Sara

Tarantella with photo “Untitled

digital photography

“This image is fantastic!  There could be a little more contrast or sharpness added to the image.  The framing and the moment with the engagement of the animal really make the image.  Also the shallow depth of field really makes this image shine.  Excellent job on this.” – Sara

docdpp with photo “Pretty Bird

photo competitions

“This image caught my eye because of the depth of field, the framing, and the color.  Everything about this is perfect.  I love the lines, I love the tack sharp bird and the rest of the image soft, the exposure and post production are all perfect.  Great job on this image.” – Sara

ThatCanadianGuy with photo “Asiatic Wild Dog

photo competitions

“There are two things that struck me on this image.  The framing and the feeling.  The framing on this was what made it an interesting picture.  If the image had just been of the Wild Dog I would have passed it right over.  The snow, the branches and the expression on the Dogs face is what makes this image interesting, and creative and creates the feeling.” – Sara

Note by Sara for all those who submitted:
“There were so many incredible images!  Honestly, it was so hard to choose but I will tell you the things that caught my eye and what I was the most impressed by.  First, I know that shooting at a Zoo is less than optimal.  You usually have no control over background or lighting unless you move or come at a certain time of day.  However, those things are very important when it comes to a great image and when shooting animals it takes a lot of patience, and a lot of luck.  The question becomes, will you be in the right place at the right time and will you have the eye to grab that moment.  Have patience and keep shooting.  The other suggestion I would make is to stay true to the image in post production.  Don’t over process the image.  The images I chose all had great framing for the subject, great light, and clean post production that did not take away from the image.  Incredible job everyone!  I really really enjoyed looking through all of these images.  I was so impressed with the images you were all able to capture under such restricted conditions.  Great work!”

Sara’s photography has been featured in apple stores world wide and in the Aperture software. Sara has been published, to name a few, on, Studio Photography magazine and Ceremony magazine.