Thank you to all the participants that shared their entries and voted fort the Top People’s Choice! With today’s climatic situation, we truly appreciate all the support to organizations dedicated to create awareness and try to save the planet. A big thank you to for their collaboration in this photo contest!

We appreciate the participation of professional photographer John Kosmopoulos for selecting the following winners:

Congratulations to winner julief with photo Graveyard

photo contest

“What I really loved about this photo by julief is not only the composition and colours but the story of a purposeful almost pinpoint pattern of receding lighting strikes from the many “hair-raised” and seemingly “shocked” trees.  It seems Zeus may have been in a light-hearted mood that day. Congratulations on your fantastic capture!” – John

Congratulations to the following Runners Up:

Antonio_Leao with photo Friday 13

photography competition

“Antonio_Leao’s “Friday 13″ photo brings me back to the psychological notion of how colour, or the lack of, can influence the mood of the observer.  This photo is no exception.  The moody background atmospherics coupled with the hue-textured foreground offers a nice transition from innocence to something more sinister which really creates a mood of an impending positive or negative consequence. Congrats!” – John

RileyEva with photo Untitled

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“This photo by RileyEva blew me away (and luckily not the girl in the photo).  The choice of monochrome added a historical and almost timeless context to the photo (a bit too apropos given the recent “Frankenstorm Sandy” that hit the US and Canada).  Although a composite, it is a convincing one.  The “battle of wills” narrative is quite intriguing and works very well here.  Congrats!” – John

Congratulations to Laynes22 the Top People’s Choice winner with photo Too Close For Comfort