Thank you to all the photographers that shared their entries to help raise awareness about the pollution and waste problem. This contest was possible thanks to GreenVoice,  ‘GreenVoice’ aims to raise awareness about environmental issues. The photos shown are part of a selection of images communicating perspectives from close to 100 countries: The journey leads one through five continents, from the Philippines to Colombia, through India, Lithuania and Mali. The GreenVoice Project involves trainers, journalists, volunteer photographers and reporters who provide their own perspective about the environment, citizenship and volunteerism. Another big thank you to guest judge Tiffany Mueller, Tiffany is a professional travel and fine art photographer. She has been published in multiple publications including magazines, art journals, and various photography books. She is also a regular contributor to popular photography websites Lightstalking and PictureCorrect.

Congratulations to the following Finalists, shown in no specific order:

“Northern gannet” by fotograafkrishermans

“abandoned gym” by soukupl

“Old Man and The Birds” by joe.rock

“Jan18 (1 of 1)” by oaklandbash

“untitled” by DaniBunce

“Finem II” by btdean

“Trash Collector” by linggabrotowisnu

“Alone” by FlashMobber

“Smoking Chimneys” by SteveCheetham

“Industrial Teesside” by davidrelph

“What a dump” by andreafireballcarroll

“Power After Dark” by nigeljones

“_MG_0123″ by adriduqueg

“No Future” by oZimages

“ecology destruction” by photos287

“Junk Trunks pano 2″ by JosephClark

“Orange Barbed Wire” by mjfinlay

“Third World” by denbote76


Congratulations to the People’s Choice “The Mississippi River” by jalinde