Thank you to all the participants of the photo contest for submitting your photos. The judge, Ontoshiki Vun, helped us choose the winner and an honorary mention from a large pool of gorgeous photos.

The winner is “Blissful oblivion”  by glefoe

“Evoking melancholy and nostalgia, the photo shows the arbitrary passing of time with the repetition of the two main subjects looking in the same direction. Making good use of a longer shutter speed to show movement of walking pedestrians I felt this photo evoked the most emotion out of the rest.” Ontoshiki Vun



Congratulations to the Honorary Mention winner “Girls at play” by Leepix

“I love the feel of the children playing cheerfully by the sea” Ontoshiki Vun


Congratulations to the People’s Choice Award winner, “As the city sleeps” by steve2