Thank you from ViewBug and all the Greenpeace team to all the participants and members that voted in the Greenpeace Photo Contest! Greenpeace is one of the biggest organizations that strive to create awareness and protect our planet.

The entries within the contest’s gallery display how photographers perceive the various sources of personal and world-wide energy. Make sure to browse the amazing works within the contest.

A special thanks to awarded photographer Daniel Beltra’ for his collaboration in selecting the following winners:

Congratulations to yesyoudid winner of the HD flat screen TV and the year of ViewBug PRO

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“I found this photo to be inspiring and exuberantly happy, highlighting what so many of us feel about nature.  This is why we do the work that we do. ” – Daniel

Congratulations to bjornramone winner of the ThinkTankPhoto camera bag and the year of ViewBug PRO with photo “Mystic Forrest

photography competition

“I like how the light creates an ominous atmosphere here; this gives a mysterious and eerie feel to the forest.” – Daniel

Congratulations to michelle25 winner of the Honorable Mention with photo “3 cows in a field

digital photography online

“This photograph is humorous; I enjoy the placement of the cows in the field, from near to far, and that all of their tails are swinging in the same direction.” – Daniel

Congratulations to Top People’s Choice ZoeSonja winner of the metallic standout photo print by MPIX and a year of ViewBug PRO with photo “Focus???”

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