Thank you to all the photographers that shared their amazing photos in this contest. We are so impressed with the quality and the technique behind each entry. A big thank you to Fstoppers for their collaboration in the photo contest and to all the collaborators who submitted their votes.

The following are the top finalists shown in no specific order:

“Phone Home” by kimberleymiller

“Raining” by kutubuddin

“The Falls” by Thirdjeff

“Morning mist” by niklasjwegdell

“A Break In the Storm” by andrewjloftis

“Perfect Catch” by sarahlc

“Rainbow Web” by TCM1964

“glowtree” by tlebrad

“Rippleside Sunrise” by danielleminer

“Angel In Wonderland” by josh_n_lopez

“Ban makam hdr.jpg” by richardtenbrinke

“Ice beast (Pure)” by charlesandersonjr

“thunders” by masi

“Summer Morning” by maxfellermann

“Fire & Ice” by bejita

“Desolate” by AmberDopita

“Waterfront Park – San Diego” by christopherpayne

“The Doubt” by joseramos

“Prairie Barns” by Chris_Gibbs

“Morning in Mountain Mahameru.” by Dika

“untitled” by vbananda131075711

“M O R N I N G | M I S T” by ralphjcbellaphotography

“SS Dick 2014″ by capeyork

“Splish Splash 2″ by Athena_B

“Sunset over the Farm” by jackbellamy

“What’s left_filtered” by digitalimagesni

“Three Brothers in Yosemite National Park” by jeremyvesely

“untitled” by andrewhhoang

“Heading for the highest…” by journeyer50

“Morning Light” by Thuan

“Sunset, Saxon Switzerland, Germany” by janstria

“Niagara Falls” by Fclay

“The source of Hope” by dramil

“Country Sunset” by whitneyshaddenphotography

“Fogged Down” by archimedesphoto

“Calm” by SethandAliciaPhotography