Thank you to all the talented photographers that showed off their amazing post editing skills in this competition!

So many incredible shots and properly executed ideas that we must admit, this contest’s gallery offers one of the most exiting collections that you can find anywhere, period.

We appreciate the collaboration of Aviary, for making this opportunity a reality, and professional photographer Greg Shmigel for selecting the following winners:

Congratulations to sarahallegra winner of the $100 iTunes gift card and the year of ViewBug PRO with photo Saturn Ascends

photo contest online

“What I absolutely love about this image is the complete sense of fluid motion that the artist has created. The vibrantly colored texture of the red fabric almost becomes one with the texture of the canyon walls — it’s a perfectly, yet almost surreal photograph.  Congratulations on such a creative shot.” – Greg

Congratulations to tomato1236 winner of the year of ViewBug PRO with photo Holland

“While I am a big admirer of surreal imagery, this particular shot grabbed me for it more realistic sense. The lighting in this photograph, as if falls nearly perfectly around the subject is brilliant. The image is almost as perfectly symmetrical as possible, and the shutter speed was set perfectly so to capture the clasp of dust from the athletes hands.” – Greg